Having been in the manufacturing business for over 40 years, I have witnessed many changes. Most importantly how difficult it is for consumers to simply identify genuine British Made products.

It is understandable because many businesses have moved their production to other Countries to reduce their production costs, yet are still identified as British Manufacturers by their long standing trading names.

Businesses can import product and then with a small amount of handling attach a Uk label.

How can our consumers have confidence in the identification of products when labels with Country of origin are not law in the UK.

We are asking Members to pay an annual membership fee for the purpose of building a strong Buyer data base with an Awareness Campaign.

There are so many British directories with free registration and no fees, but do we see any of them advertising their existence to help buyers to find British businesses.

I believe we can build confidence with our on line directory.

On line sales are rapidly on the increase with over 600 million websites on line, all businesses trying to get their sites seen.

Being on line offering genuine British product is beneficial not only to to our buying public, but for retailers to buy products for there stores knowing that they are or genuine UK origin..

Since the sixties Buy British campaigns have failed. What can be done now with the help of good advertising and Social Media, is to have an Awareness Campaign to bring to our Focus on Britain site, Consumers who really want to Buy British and are willing to pay for our quality.

It is now time to let our British consumers know that here in Britain we have an amazing range of quality products.

Our social media is a very powerful way to build a dedicated customer base, who will look to Focus on Britain as their first option to find Products and Services on line or in our Stores.

Join Focus on Britain in building a strong and secure future for our Industries.

Irrespective of Brexit, we are individual businesses with our own needs and success.

We must develop our UK Businesses, building our future and increasing our National GDP.
Focus on Britain is a very easy to use site that enables a quick and simple search to find products locally or nationally with confidence, knowing that they are guaranteed to be of genuine UK origin.

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