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The Focus on Britain site has been developed to be a very quick and simple three stage Search engine for Consumers who would like to purchase Pure British Products or locate Services that are guaranteed to be of genuine UK origin.

There are many site where products listed as being British can be found, but how many site will buyers have to search before finding Products of genuine UK origin.

With Focus on Britain buyers can be sure, as all Business Members have guaranteed that their products are Pure British and totally made or produces in Britain.

How does it work in three simple stages

  1. Go to the Home Page, put into Search ie; Tablemats, Locally or Nationally.
  2. Select a listed Company to view. ( This is how your site will look on your own "Editable page" )
  3. Click "Visit our Website"

On your own "Editable page" you are able to display up to 15 moving images, company profile and website link, totally controlled from your own PC or Mac using your own login details for regular updates.

For those businesses who do not have or do not need a website, the editable page may be sufficient to display images of products and company profile.


To qualify as Pure British , a company must be a UK based operation. Raw materials may be imported for production use, but not imported kit form or part assemblies. ( Livestock, meat and grown foods ready for marketing do not qualify as raw material.) This will guarantee that those products listed here on Focus on Britain are from UK based Companies and therefore of genuine UK origin.

No hidden cost or contractual terms.

Your Commitment: A small annual Membership .

Our Commitment: To promote our British Products and Services with a "National Awareness Campaign" to bring potential consumers on line as their first choice to see an amazing range of products.

To register your company, develop your own editable web page and adding your website is safe and secure. Go to 'Register your Business' and fill in your company details and Profile for your Editable page. List all your products and services. These will be the Key Words that will take customers to the listings page to find you. If you have any difficulty loading your images go to "Contact", let us know and one of our service team will help.

Once checked and payment method confirmed your site will be activated.

If you would like one of our team to build your site, go to fill out a few details and we will get you Registered and on line.

Looking to the future to protect our UK Businesses.

Focus on Britain is a very easy to use site that enables a quick and simple search to find products locally or nationally with confidence, knowing that they are guaranteed to be of genuine UK origin.

Focus on Britain

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